The Wivenhoe Society AGM 2018 was held on Wednesday 28th March 7.30pm at the Nottage.


Minutes of the AGM held at The Nottage Institute on Friday 7th April 2017.

 1)         Present were: Chairman Bob Needham and 37 members. Apologies were received from Peter Hill and 18 members

 2)         Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wedneday 30th March 2016 at 19.30 hrs were proposed and seconded and signed.

 3)         Chair’s Report

 The Chair spoke on his report that had already been circulated, he detailed the activities of the society during the last year and updated the members on the activities on the local plan.

 4)         Treasurers Report

The Treasurer detailed the main figures from the accounts that had already been circulated. He thanked the efforts from the Social Committee for organising the fund raising events. He also thanks the Wivenhoe Co-op and trinity Electrics fo sponsoring the wine tasting and EWD for providing a free skip for the river bank clear up He also thanked Martyn Lewis for providing his professional services free of charge and for supplying copies of the audited accounts for the AGM. The Treasurer passed on his personal thanks to Mrs Jane Black for all her assistance in passing on the Treasurer’s duties. The accounts were proposed and seconded by the members.

 5)         Election of Officers and Committee Members

             Bob Needham was proposed and seconded for the position of Chair.

             Kevin Murray was proposed and seconded for the position of Honorary Treasurer.

             The existing committee was proposed and seconded.

 6)         Appointment of Auditor

It was reported that Martyn Lewis was prepared to continue as the auditor, this was proposed by the chair and seconded by Kevin Murray.

 7)         Determination of Subscriptions

 It was proposed and seconded that there should be no change to the current rate of subscription.

 8)         Events and Donations

A number of local causes were suggested for the committee to examine in more detail, these included.

 Colne Radio

A bird information board for the path to Alresford.

Owl boxes

Swift boxes

Wild about Wivenhoe

A training course for the Tree Warden.

 9)         A.O.B

 No items were raised under A.O.B, the meeting was closed by the Chair.

 Refreshments were served followed by an informative talk by Mr Geoff Howlett, Colchester Borough Council Zone Warden for Wivenhoe.

 Mr Howlett described his duties and examples of where Wivenhoe residents might use his services including some real examples currently of concern for members.