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Community Action 1966 - 2016

50 years of caring for Wivenhoe, The Wivenhoe Society has made an important impact preserving the place we all know and love. All of the funds raised by WivSoc is put back into the village by donating it to local charities and causes.


Supporting local groups and local facilities 

Over the past 8 years (2006 - 2016), The Wivenhoe Society has raised and given away £19,192, which it tries to spread across all sectors of the community.


Young people - £3,265 to the youth club/hub, £2,289 shared between Wivenhoe Schools, £500 towards the Scout and guide hall.

Things green - £1,350 to Wivenhoe in Bloom, £1,500 towards the Jubilee Garden, £475 for tree planting and landscaping.

Older people - £1,700 to Helping Hands, £300 to the Wivenhoe Luncheon Club.

Sports - £1,000 to Wivgigs, £200 to the Wivenhoe Kayak Club, £925 to the new pontoon.

General Benefits - £1,285 to Wivenhoe Ferry Trust, £975 to Colne Radio, £1,400 to The Royal British Legion refurbishment fund, £535 towards Christmas Lights, £500 for the gates at the museum.

Start-ups and one offs - £250 to the Wivenhoe History Society, £100 towards the Townscapes Forum Group, £150 for publicity for Transition Town Wivenhoe's "Wild About Wivenhoe" event; £50 towards fireworks, £300 to the Phillip Road Center user group, £50 to the Nottage, £50 to Off the Rails, £48for the cost of the Town jigsaw materials.

⬇️ Past beneficiaries of funds from WivSoc - The new museum gates and the refurbished Scout and Guide Hall
⬇️ Preserving the village we know and love - Measuring pot holes to campaign of essential road maintenance / Campaigning for safe passing paces in the Avenue / WivSoc pledges to replace trees that were removed to build the new Wivenhoe cycle path with appropriate new specimens.

Planning and lobbying

Over the past 50 years Society Committee members have commented on a great many planning applications, attended lots of council meetings, conducted traffic surveys and made submissions to Public Inquiries. 

Recently WivSoc has expressed concerns about the potential impact of proposals for the Garden Suburb to the north of the A133 in the emerging Colchester Borough Local Plan. The Society has also helped to persuade Tarmac to reconsider proposals for an anaerobic waste disaster on the Wivenhoe Quarry site.

WivSoc continues to monitor planning applications and responds to applications that have a potential impact on the town. particularly on the conservation area and listed buildings. A recent example of this is the University's application for an all weather sports pitch and associated fencing that would have a negative impact on the historic Wivenhoe Park and important trees.


Committee members have also been active in campaigning for pothole repairs and consideration for more passing places for busses on the Avenue. 


WivSoc committee members together with many WivSoc members have been actively participating in several groups and organisations that have a direct impact on the wellbeing of Wivenhoe Residents. These include The Community Asset Forum, Wivenhoe Townscape Forum, Parish Paths Partnership, Neighbourhood Plan Group and Wivenhoe Working Woods Group.

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