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The Wivenhoe Society was founded in 1966 set against the backdrop of rapid urbanisation and social change, a growing awareness of environmental and conservation issues, and demands for greater community involvement in decision making.

The Wivenhoe Society's objectives are:

  • To foster pride in Wivenhoe and its surroundings,

  • To safeguard amenities, appearance and character of the area,

  • To encourage appropriate development,

  • To promote charitable and social activities in the area.

In the early years the Society's energies were focused on fighting proposals to intensify the use of the timber yard on the upstream shipyard (now the Wivenhoe Quay housing development). The site dominated the Society's campaigning activities in the 1980s as Wivenhoe suffered from pollution and traffic impact of lorries generated by port operations on site. The site continues to feature large on the Society's agenda until it was finally developed for housing at the end of the 1990s, early 2000s.

Notable early success for The Wivenhoe Society came with the preservation of the former Falcon Pub building from being demolished and the inclusion of a number of other important Wivenhoe landmarks on the national list of buildings of architectural or historic interest. The Society also was instrumental in the preservation of Wivenhoe Woods from wholesale housing development. 

Wiv 1966 Map.jpg

⬅️ A sketch map showing Wivenhoe in 1966, the year the Society was founded - a small riverside settlement with just over 2000 residents.

Changing times:

  • 1967 - annual subscription to the Society was 5s (25p)

  • December 1969 - Cheese and Wine 3s 6d (17.5p)

  • February 1970 - Society subscription increased from    3s 2d (38p to 6s 4d (76p)

  • June 1970 - Jumble Sale profits £14. 3s. 9d

  • July 1970 - Coconut Shy profit at the Regatta £3​

    • Society membership had grown to over 100​

  • November 1970 - Cheese and Wine 5s (25p) per head including 2 glasses of wine

  • December 1970 - Donations to St Mary's Church tower £5 and Tennis Club £3 1s 3d (£3.15)

Welcome to Wiv.jpg

50 Years of caring for the local community - The Wivenhoe Society has made an important impact on the village with its tree planting, annual rover bank clean ups and by providing signs and notice boards to help inform residents and visitors.

Tree planting on King George V field 1998 ⬇️
Unveiling information board on the Maurice Britton Trail 1999 ⬇️
Celebrating Milestones ⬇️
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