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Preserving the place we all know and love


WivSoc’s purpose is to preserve and enhance the Wivenhoe we all know and love. Although a lot of us fondly refer to Wivenhoe as a village, it actually has town status with a population of 7,600 that rises to 10,000 in term, with the University of Essex Students.  Wivsoc preserves and enhances Wivenhoe by helping to safeguard the amenities, appearance and character of the area. We also encourage appropriate development, monitor planning applications and lodge our observations with the planning authority.

WIVSOC was formed in 1966, we have a growing membership of approximately 400 members. To this day, we feel passionately about bringing the community together and supporting local causes and charities. We do this through running our own events and encouraging everyone to get involved to make a positive difference to the place we live in. 

Do have a look around our website to find out more, as we'd love you to get involved, and if you want to follow us on Instagram or Facebook, the links are below.

Social Events

WIVSOC social events bring the community together, encourage individuals to get involved to make a difference. Profits made at social events are put back into local causes and charities.

Join us at our next event, click on the button below to see our event calendar.

Join Us

We’d love you to become a member of WivSoc. The more residents that become members, the more we'll feel part of a friendly, social community and can get involved in the things we enjoy and feel passionate about.



Margery Dean, the "moving spirit" behind setting up

The Wivenhoe Society in 1966.


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