Cedric's Corner proposed redevelopment

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Scroll down for an update from the meeting held on the 30 September.

There is still an opportunity to have your say on the Developer's Website, if you couldn't attend the recent meetings.

Cedric's Corner https://yoursay.online/1-the-avenue-wivenhoe

WivSoc, with local partners, took the lead on the East of England Co-op’s proposals to redevelop the Cedric’s Corner site by calling a special meeting with the Co-op to allow residents to express their views. The Co-op is a society owned by its members and is accountable to them.

The Co-op will now meet with the Wivenhoe community on Thursday 30th September 2021 at 7pm in The William Loveless Hall. The meeting to be hosted by Wivenhoe Town Council. This will enable all interested parties - be it Co-op Members or local residents, to attend - and for Nick Denny to set out the Co-op’s current position regarding the development of the site and directly respond to any questions or concerns arising. The meeting will take place before any detailed planning proposals is submitted.

Below an Artist's impression of the proposed redevelopment

Cedric's Corner as it is today

An update from the meeting held on the 30 September 2021

The recent meeting with the EofE Co-op on its plans to redevelop the Cedric’s Corner site was a lively and well attended event. I am pleased that as an ordinary member of the Co-op, along with some like-minded souls, I petitioned the Co-op to hold a special meeting in Wivenhoe to give local people a voice in the development of this central location.

Nick Denny of EofE Co-op gave a detailed and honest briefing on the background, and challenges of this heavily contaminated site.

Although none were in favour of the new plans as presented, there was little agreement among residents on the future of the site. Some wanted a pharmacy, others wanted more commercial and community space. One speaker wanted it to be a car free development, another said parking in the development was inadequate and another said the whole site should be turned into a car park!

Other contributions, included questions on the use of green energy. The immediate neighbour spoke passionately on the effect on the light coming into her property. Another speaker pointed to the overwhelming size of the buildings and their bland style. She also ingeniously suggested that the current supermarket could be moved there as it is a bigger site and its present location across the road re-developed for housing.

Clearly, the EofE Co-op need to work with the community and buy the right of way to the Cedric’s site via DeVere Lane from the Town Council. I know it will be another additional expense but long term will provide a much safer access for everyone if De Vere Lane is the main entrance rather than the Avenue where there are bus stops and pedestrian crossings as well as generating local good will.

This meeting was about giving residents a voice and they took full advantage of it. The Co-op did listen and took away those ideas. That is co-operative values in action.

Hopefully, it will bring about a re-think and we will see improved plans so that the end result will be something quite innovative that could be a source of pride to both the Co-op, as a member owned enterprise, and to Wivenhoe, as a community, as well as an inspiration to others.

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