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Taylor Wimpey 120 home development in Wivenhoe

Taylor Wimpey have proposed the building of 120 houses at the top of Wivenhoe on land behind Broadfields and adjacent to Broad Lane Sports Ground. They are proposing a public consultation on their proposals between 1st and 14th February. See their website for more details of what they are proposing -

In addition, they are holding a webinar on Monday, 8th February at 6pm when they will be talking about more of the detail of their proposed development. The Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan, approved in May 2019 after 2,771 people voted in its favour (with 342 against) and allowed for a scheme in this area for 120 houses. The Plan proposed many community benefits in return for any development there and Taylor Wimpey seem to be offering these benefits too. To what extent they want to comply with all of the requirements of the Plan remains to be seen. Taylor Wimpey are suggesting the scheme will provide a mix of high-quality homes. After careful analysis and research with the local community, the Neighbourhood Plan specified what types of new homes should be built on this site. This was summarised in Policy 29 of the Plan: POLICY WIV 29: Land behind Broadfields The land behind Broadfields shown in Figure 35 totalling 4.06 hectares is allocated for a minimum of 120 dwellings subject to the following conditions:

(i) a minimum of 45 dwellings shall be provided with one or two bedrooms which should be designed as homes suitable for older people, single people, or for young couples. They could be bungalows, terraced properties or apartments; and (ii) the number of dwellings with four bedrooms or more shall not exceed 25 (these could include an office for home-working and / or an annexe to accommodate a relative); and (iii) dwellings, of whatever size, designed for older residents or active retirees should preferably be built to the Lifetime Homes standard; and (iv) 20% of all properties should be affordable housing or that percentage relevant under national or Borough policies at the time the planning application is submitted subject to viability considerations; and (v) it can be demonstrated that the development will not have a detrimental impact on wildlife, as evidenced through an appropriate wildlife survey; and (vi) vehicle access into the residential part of the site shall be provided from Richard Avenue; and (vii) 2 hectares of land to the northern part of the site adjacent to Broad Lane Sports Ground as indicated on Figure 35 shall be provided for additional sports pitches; and (viii) a dedicated footpath / cycleway along Elmstead Road to link up Broad Lane Sports Ground with the built-up part of Wivenhoe shall be provided; and (ix) a shared-use footpath and cycle track shall be provided directly linking the development to the facilities at Broad Lane Sports Ground and linking with the public footpath to the south of the site; and (x) a contribution shall be paid towards the creation of a combined footpath/cycle track linking the new development to the public footpath (FP No. 14) from The Cross; and (xi) contributions towards open spaces, sports, recreational facilities and community facilities shall be required in line with Borough Policies current at the time any application for planning permission is made. Proposals to include some self-build plots within this site allocation will also be supported. Policy 29 is not the only policy which is relevant though to Taylor Wimpey’s proposed scheme. There are other Sections which the developer needs to respect. The Plan is a very detailed and comprehensive document designed to control Wivenhoe’s development through to 2033. It will be up to Colchester Borough Council’s Planning Department to determine whether the eventual planning application complies with the Plan and any deviations from it are acceptable. Of course the committee of the Wivenhoe Society will be engaging with Taylor Wimpey and scrutinising their proposals and will have an input into this process. We will endeavour to keep you informed. If you would like to see a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan, you can download a copy of it here:

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